Welcome to Fr. Battista Busolin Memorial Library

Standard Operating Procedure for LIBRARY

The library provides access to an extensive range of informative resources like books, e-books, journals, e-journals, magazines, newspapers, question banks and access to wide range of resources to improve the knowledge and thought process of the academic fraternity and students.

Objectives of the library

The prime objectives of the college library are
1. To provide materials to support the curriculum, student interest and the needs of the family.
2. To foster a learning environment that encourages investigation, allows independent thinking and develops effective study habits among the students and teachers.
3. To enhance the understanding of different subjects or disciplines among the students.
4. To prepare the students as an intelligent aware, informative and enlightened to play the role of responsible citizen.
5. To provide the teachers with latest updates in their respective subject area.
6. To help in all educational and instructional programs of the college.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Librarian

1. It is mandatory to maintain silence in the library.
2. Faculty and students should not be allowed to take their personal belongings into the library.
3. To promote the e-resources of the library to the target audience.
4. To assist the staff and students in proper usage of the resources.
5. To maintain a register for outgoing books.
6. To collect the issued books in time.
7. To collect fine from the students if they are not returning after the due date.
8. To see to that the issued books will be returned in proper condition otherwise action will be taken.

Purchase of Library Books

1. The teachers of the department submit the list of books to be purchase for the department to the Librarians.
2. Submitted lists are verified and checked by the Librarians for duplicate, availability of the books, etc.
3. Approval is taken for the recommendation by the librarians.
4. Finally, the list is brought before the principal for purchase.

Order Placement:

1. The Principal placed the orders from the vendors who offer certain percentage to the books.
2. Purchased books are either sent by the vendors or pick up by the college from the delivery counter.
3. Physical verification by the librarian of the books received against the order.

Processing of the bills:

1. The librarian after the verification of the books submits the bills to the Principal.
2. The principal then send the verified bills to the accountant who processes the payment through the administrator of the college.

Technical Process:

1. Technical processing of the cooks including classification and cataloguing is done.
2. Processing of the books includes pasting of the property slips and the issuing slips, placing the barcoded tags and stamping the books.
3. The books are then display in the new arrival shelf kept outside the library and later placed in the shelves according to their classification number by the library staff.
4. Once available in the shelf, the students can access the books.

Issuing of Books:

1. Two books can be issued to a student for a period of five days.
2. Three books can be issued to the teaching staff for a period of Seven days.
3. All entry of the books and the students name is done through the bar-code reader setup in the library.

Noting of Accession Number

1. Check card are issued to librarians for writing of accession number on them.
2. While noting the accession numbers, a book are physically checked and if the book is damaged beyond repair is taken out of the shelf.
3. The library staff will also go through the book lists that are available in the department and submit the number of books with the names of the books to the principal. Any missing books are informed to the department.

Working Hours

9:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M (Mon to Fri)
9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M (Sat)

Five Principles of Library

1. Books are for use
2. Every reader his/her book.
3. Every book its reader
4. Save the time of the reader
5. Library is a growing organism

Library Committee

Library Committee members is appointed by Principal in consultation with the staff members. The committee comprises of 8 members. The Chairman, the librarian, one faculty member from science, arts, commerce, and two students representative of SWA (Student Welfare Association)

The objectives of Library Committees are as follows

To guide the librarian in formulating the general library policies and regulations which governs the functions of the library.
TTo work towards the modernization and improvement of library and documentation services.
TTo formulate policies and procedure for efficient use of library resources.
TTo prepare the library budget and proposals for the development of the library.
TTo adopt the measures to enhance the maximum utilization of the resources
TTo arrange for the stock checking of the library.
TTo recommend the authorities the fees and other charges for the use of library
TTo recommend the departments in procuring the books, journals etc.

Library Committee

1. The Principal – Chairperson
2. Senior Faculty – Convener
3. Librarian – Member
4. Arts Faculty – Member
5. Science Faculty – Member
6. Commerce Faculty – Member
7. Two students’ representative from SWA
- The Committee is generally formed for a period of Two years.
- Meetings are held twice in an academic year taking into consideration the various aspects of fulfilling the library objectives.

Infrastructure of the Library
S.No Items Quantity
1 Computers 16 Nos.
2 Server with PC 1 No.
3 Wi-fi/Lan Connected PC 16 LAN, WiFi - 1
4 Barcode Printer 2 Nos.
5 Barcode Scanner 3 Nos.
6 TV Sets None
7 Water Dispenser 1 No.
8. Furniture:
  Book Shelves 36 Nos.
Chairs 60 Nos.
Table 10 Nos.
9 Library Software e-Blis and KOHA
10 CCTV 4 Nos.
11 Power Back Up College Generator
12 Photocopier 1 No.
E Resources

The Institution subscribed N-List from INFLIBNET and can have an access to 3828 journals and 80409 E-Books. The institution also received 858 GB from well wishers.

Library Services

1. Borrowing and Issuing of Books
2. Reference Service
3. Internet Facilities
4. Photocopy services
5. Bound Old Question Papers
6. N list Subscription
7. Library OPAC

Circulation Statistics
Last Five Years Total Transaction of Books
S.No Academic Year Arts Science Commerce Total
1 2014 - 15 1089 + 1102 1052 + 981 540+ 609 5371
2 2015 - 16 1132 +1069 877 + 971 611 + 608 5268
3 2016 - 17 1143 + 1023 896 + 1054 610 + 591 5317
4 2017 - 18 1230 +1165 997 + 976 605 + 621 5723
5 2018-19 1018+1266 980+1171 588 +698 5721

1. The Library has the good collection of books
2. The Library is in the process of digitization
3. The library is equipped with internet facilities
4. The library has an open access system
5. Print out facilities is provided with minimal charges.
6. CCTV camera vigilance to check the

1. Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, Principal 5. Mr. Stephen T. Sangma - Asst. Librarian 9. Ms. Kimberley Nokimbe G. Momin
2. Fr. John Paul Tirkey, Vice Principal 6 Dr. Barbara S. Sangma - IQAC Coordinator 10. Ms. Popy Dey
3. Dr. Biswajit Paul - Coordinator 7. Mr. Tapsreng Jones K. Sangma 11. SWA Member
4. Ms. Rehny A. Sangma – Librarian – Asst. Coordinator 8. Mr. Sanjeev T. Lyngdoh 12. SWA Member